The 2nd American Revolution

Your Rights and Responsibilites

Well with New York and Connecticut passing gun laws to register rifles that look like assault rifles we are edging towards a cusp event.

The seizing of these weapons because owners refuse to register them under an unconstitutional law will be the tipping point. It will bring on open warfare between the American gun owners and government officials.

Over 233 years ago our ancestors fought a war with their current government regarding such things as possession of weapons and freedom and adequate representation. Well we are coming to a similar stepping off point now with our current government. It has grown beyond accountability to us the people that empower it.

Once they start openly threatening the constitutional rights we have cherished for so long by open hostilities we will see the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution move to a phase of open hostility towards any authority that seeks to usurp our rights to bear arms.

I sincerely hope that it does not come to this but it almost seems inevitable that it will happen. With over 270 million guns owned by private Americans to the 2.7 million weapons owned by the government or police, you can be assured that most if not all of the owners will refuse to having their guns be registered or given up to our government officials. Over 30% of the population currently is believed to own weapons whether a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.

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