What are we about?

Demand Accountability

We are here to ask the hard and politically incorrect questions of our civilian leaders and military members. We will try to keep this as apolitical as possible but common sense will be used at all times. We seek to bring back to the American Citizens the control they deserve over their elected leaders and accountability of the military officials. Making sure that they continue to be worthy of our trust and confidence.

You may not agree with everything posted here and we encourage discussion of these posts and news articles crossposted here. BUT be aware we will call out rampant stupidity and blind obedience and rhetoric when it appears here or elsewhere. Use critical thinking before you post something folks, don’t just fling something up onto this site. Too many instances of this will find you blocked permanently. Adminstrators of this site and those they assign to keep track of things are going to be the final word on these things not you.

For now sit back and enjoy as we grow this site and see what we do and allow to be done.