Police, Fire, EMS, & Dispatchers About To Be Or Have Been Let Go Due To No Vaccination

PDNY and FDNY set to lose 20% to 30% Of Members to Vaccine Mandate.

Today New York City, has begun enforcing the Vaccine Mandate. This means there will be almost 30% of Fire Stations unmanned and closed. There will be about 11,000 fewer police on duty to answer calls for help and around 5000 fewer FDNY members available to put out fires, save your life when you have a medical emergency and or take you to the hospital.

Can you imagine how this will affect New York City citizens? Can you imagine the people who will die due to having to wait for help whether from FDNY or PDNY?

These people they are letting go are not easily replaceable from members of society because they are specialists needing to meet Physical and Mental goals in order to be able to do their jobs. Most are only available only after at least a year of training and then are not the best at their jobs that they will be in 5 years of day after day service where they gain experience and skills in their jobs.

This same thing is happening all over our nation due to a Vaccine Mandate pushed by President Joseph Biden. He has no concept of what he has effectively done to our entire society.

Remember Biden has lived his entire life in Congress. He has never held a real job or has gained real experience in life outside of DC and his comfortable home. He has never ridden in a squad car racing to the rescue of someone who is being assualted by someone trying to murder them.

He has never put any fire larger than the charcoal fire in his BBQ and has never worn a turnout coat and trousers and a fire helmet and then entered a burning building to get some unlucky citizen trapped in their home out before the fire takes their lives.

He is a man with no knowledge of the outside world of Washington DC and its halls of government. He has no idea how you will suffer as you wait for rescue from thiefs or murders, or how you feel looking at the fire trapping you in your home hoping the Fire Department gets there in time to rescue you from the smoke and flames.

He has never ridden in an Ambulance to an accident scene where you are seriously injured and fire fighters are struggling to remove you from your mangled car in hopes of getting you to the hospital in time to save your life.

Our current president has never had a real job. His only job he can remember other than being a government employee is sitting in a life guards stand overlooking a pool and yelling at CornPop that he was ready to take him on.

He has no real life experience in anything but stealing from the American public to line his pockets.

Remember this as he endorses others of his ilk. They too have either been shills for some industry or a lawyer but never getting their hands dirty doing real work or struggling to make their rent payment and feed their kids. All his friends are Limosene Democrats. They drive out to your neighborhoods when they need to get elected and you don’t see them again until they need your vote again.

At this moment Joseph Biden is rubbing shoulders in Rome Italy at a climate summit. He took damn near his entire administration with him as these days he has trouble finding his way off the stage where he spouted some speech someone wrote for him and told him to read to us. He is missing in action folks and if we are not careful he and a few other select democrats will be missing with Trillions of Dollars of our money.

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