When Society Dissolves Into Those Attacking Us And We Defending Ourselves

An Armed Society Is A Polite Society

In todays society we have had a complete lack of polite discourse on almost every level of society. From the President Of The United States cursing a reporter who asked him a question that he found uncomfortable answering. To scientists testifying before Congress who final comment about a Senator’s line of questioning, “What a Moron!” To the person on the roadway who attempted to force their vehicle into a merging lane and other drivers refused to shift lanes to allow it and then facing the person attempting to merge improperly at their car door hammering and spitting words at them and offering physical harm to the driver that just did what they should have. We have mothers, young women, single persons who only seek to move through their city being attacked and yes killed because criminals know they need not be afraid.

We have crossed the line from a society into a place where evil lurks to cause harm and persons who should be graciously answering our questions as employees of the public aka public servants dismissing us with disdain and profanity. This is not acceptable to me. I am a physically disabled person and as such have been attacked before because I seemed to be an easy target.

Unfortunately for those attackers I am an armed individual whenever I leave the security of my home. I carry a fast action 6″ knife that is razor sharp, I also carry concealed a firearm which I have had to use to restrain until authorities were able to come pickup the attacker who made the mistake that I was an easy target. I also carry a sword cane when I am not allowed to carry a firearm in certain places and when attacked in 2015 knocked the attacker back into a wall by striking him first with the metal body and then unsleeving the blade and forcing him to the ground to await authorities.

I live in a disadvantaged neighborhood yet I have polite interactions with those that might otherwise seek to cause me either harm or at the best distress. Why you might ask? It could be because I have been seen out on my stoop sharpening my sword cane and practicing removing it from its scabbard and stabbing outward with it. Or it might be the not completely innocent accidental display of my concealed firearm as I get my mail or leave and enter my home.

Basically I have warned those around me that you have the choice of being polite and interacting with me positively or the right to be met with force beyond their willingness to endure. When a good neighbor asked about my going about armed and as to whether I would use any of my weapons to protect myself by inflicting harm on my attackers I bluntly told them that I would not hesitate to do so and would not lose any sleep over anyone I might injure or kill in the process of doing so. I told them that these attackers took the chance they could rob or hurt me and as someone disabled I did not have the capability of using my fists and body as a form of defense any longer so I have had to fallback upon weapons which will harm others if used correctly.

And if it comes to me or someone attempting to cause me harm, I will be going home and they will be zipped into a body bag as I have no choice in that instance and will not hesitate. I have thought these things out as I became more and more physically disabled and lost the ability to defend myself successfully using just my hands and own physical body. I am careful what I do and where I go but even so there have been attacks in the areas I have gone thru some minutes after I had gone through that area and I was able to report to police about those individuals lurking in that area that probably attacked the person/s after me.

Our society today has been castrated to put it simply. We have gradually indoctrinated that we should not fight for what is ours or even for our own physical safety. Just this week officials in several major cities or counties nationwide have been heard to say, “Just be a good witness, do not try to fight the attackers or thieves.” They have said that with the complete knowledge that their ability to successfully find and prosecute these criminals is so low as to be ZERO!

We need to create our polite society again folks. Our government has failed us both locally, state, and federally. We need to be able and willing to physically protect ourselves at all times. We can no longer afford the sort of gun laws that many want to put forth that do absolutely no harm to criminals but will criminalize the common law abiding citizen who only wants to protect themselves and or their family and property.

We need to demand our full rights be restored in regards to the 2nd Amendment that allows us to keep and bare arms in protection of ourselves and our society. Anything less than that is a danger to our society and to the wellbeing of the nation as a whole.

We have many in charge of our cities, states, and federal government who want to eliminate and or severely curtail our basic 2nd Amendment rights. I ask you have you ever known the government to give something back once it was taken from a citizen? I have to say I have never heard of them doing so.

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