Attorney General Garland Testifies In Senate Judiciary Committee

AG Garland

Today Attorney General Garland, was questioned by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. There were two different types of questioners. Those that wanted the issues we have faced in regards to what the DOJ has done or not done, issues about domestic terrorism, and issues about local police and the treatment of them. The second set of questioners were wanting to deflect attention from the NSBA issue and the possible investigation of parents speaking out about Critical Race Theory and Transgender issues including sharing of bathrooms.

Sen. Ted Cruz, repeatedly asked AG Garland, yes or no questions and almost exclusively did not get an answer to the question asked but did get plenty of discussion of everything but the issue asked about. Garland had been a judge and realizes that when asked a yes or no question the only truly right answers were either YES or NO.

When asked about the letter from the National School Board Association, and who provided it to him and why he quickly acted on it in comparison to other even more critical issues yet he evaded even those simple questions. When asked what incidents of violence he was refering to in his own memo to US Attorneys in the DOJ he evaded and was unable to provide even one concrete reference to an event.

When asked why he would not rescind his memo to US Attorneys since the NSBA has rescinded the letter that was initially sent out he continued to evade and refuse to answer the question put to him time and again. When asked if he had done independent research about violence againsr school board members or teachers he refused to answer and evaded never providing even 1 incident DOJ had reviewed.

When a senator informed him that US Attorneys are now collecting and cataloging ways that they may prosecute parents like Mr. Smith the father of a student raped in a Loudon County School who want to be involved in their schools and their childrens lives and decisions about educating them. AG Garland babbled onward that he felt none of the attorneys would see his memo as a hunting license for parents who oppose CRT and School Boards that are unresponsive to the citizens that have children in their schools.

The senator went on to chastise him as irresponsible and fear inducing in regards to his memo to the US Attorneys and that normal non lawyer citizens would indeed see his memo in that way as would partisan DA’s in their localities quell parents who are in oppostion to the ideas of Liberal School Board members.

Dr Viola Garcia Former NSAB Member

Speaking of the letter sent to Biden by the NSBA it was signed by NSBA President Viola M. Garcia and NSBA Interim Executive Director and CEO Chip Slaven. “The National School Boards Association respectfully asks for federal law enforcement and other assistance to deal with the growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation.”

Almost immediately there was blowback from state run School Board Associations. Over 20 of them sought to leave or distance themselves from the NSBA in an effort to deny the statements made in that letter.

The letter asks the federal government to “investigate, interept, and prevent current threats and acts of violence against lpublic school officials through existing statutes, executive authority, interagency and intergovernmental task forces and other extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of our children and educators, to protect interstate commerce, and to preserve public school infrastructure and campuses.” DOWNLOAD NSBA LETTER HERE

The day after this letter was made public Viola Garcia, was suddenly appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board by the US Secretary of Education Dr. Miquel D. Cardona. This after the NSBA spent quite a bit of time confering with members of the Whitehouse in compiling the letter mentioned. It would seem that this was a prize for her working with the Whitehouse to further their liberal agenda of CRT and Transgender rights over others.

Further questioning of Garland, revealed that he has no grip on his own department and the persons in it. He does not know or will not answer how many of the probable thousands of illegals caught by the Border Patrol and found to have previously attempted or entered the United States Illegaly were either still in incarceration or had been removed from the US to their home countries. Entering the US illegally for the second time is a felony.

When asked as to whether he agreed with President Biden that Law Enforcement personnel who have refused to get the Vaccine should be fired from the force. He again evaded and blustered about other issues instead of providing a simple yes or no answer.

I can only say that when his name was submitted for the US Supreme Court I felt the Republicans might have done him wrong by not considering him and giving him an up or down vote on his nomination. Now I find myself excessively happy at the fact he did not make it into the highest court in the land. His inability to properly answer simple No or Yes questions when asked in testimony to congressional committees point out his unfitness for such a high position.

I have to agree with many consertative Congress Members that he should indeed submit his resignation and if he doesn’t I urge them to continue to seek his dismissal through impeachment until such time as he is removed from the position of hightest law enforcement official in our government.

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