Demand Accountability

Yesterday Biden announced the September Jobs Report Number. To most people 40% of what they expected in created jobs would be considered a terrible achievement. But to Biden and the Democrats 194,000 is great even when compared to 500,000.

Biden tried to tell us this lackluster performance of new jobs is a great thing considering our economy. And that any poor performance is due to persons that did not get vaccinated.

niw I am not sure how that could be myself. But I can see how his COVID Mandate has purged workers from the workforce in a large number.

Now we have an abundance of positions in different types of jobs but not enough workers able to work in those jobs.

Almost every job category is at a loss for people capable of working in those jobs. Part of this is of Biden’s manufacturing. He started saying businesses needed to demand vaccination for employees. This created a dirty if qualifed employees in businesses across the board especially in skilled and or professional positions.

So ask yourselves how has Joe Biden helped America and her citizens?


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