If Russia Ignores US Warning Against Attacking Ukraine

What can be expected to happen if Russia persists in trying to subvert internally Ukraine to their power or by attack by the Russian army.

Military Aide To Ukraine

Russia has been repeatedly warned against attacking Ukraine. They have postured near the border of Ukraine for months now in an action that possibly foreshadows attacks against Ukraine. There has been threats back and forth between the US and Russia regarding any possible attacks in regards to Ukraine.

Unfortunately President Biden, has postured with just social/economic sanctions instead of actual physical action against Russia and specifically Putin. This has enjoined Putin to repeatedly warn that any interaction of a military nature by the US in regards to the Ukraine would be met with decisive action.

Biden and Putin

This has effectively stopped Joe Biden and his administration from putting forth anything substantial that might actually stop the Russians and Putin himself from offensive actions.

Putin and Russia needs to realize that any untoward action towards Ukraine will dynamically change further interaction with the United States and her close allies. It may take 3 more years for this to manifest itself with another president supplanting Biden in office. But once untoward action is taken America and more important American leaders from there forward will always be in opposition to Russia and most especially Putin.

Putin and Xi talk

The unique balance of power between our countries will be pushed over and the new balance will be that anything Russia and Putin wants is wrong and any words they utter will be viewed as false and be dismissed as more lies on their part. It will be decades if at all before a more peaceful balance is achieved between our countries and its allies with Russia and Putin. We will all join together as we once did to forestalled the NAZI’s and Japanese we will now join our powers to forestall Russian aggression in the future. And if China chooses to join the Russian state they too will feel the rejection of the global leaders and countries of everything they might put forth with their Russian ally.

Immediately they will find themselves isolated trade wise and financially. While Russia may weather that better than China neither will be immune to the problems with their economies and eventually with their own populations. China has already felt some of the isolationism due to the spreading of the Wuhan CCP virus aka COVID-19. Their trade balances have been greatly affected as those nations that realize that this was a virus populated from China itself and one of its military viral laboratories.

Any further aggression on the part of either of those countries will eventually bring forth their being isolated economically from all other countries and most especially our allies.

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