What Happened at Children’s Hospital Of Wisconsin Where The Waukesha Kids Were Taken

Waukesha Parad Injured
Waukesha Parade Victims Rundown

Joe Biden’s, Covid Mandate has interfered with the care of the children victims of the Waukesha Car Attack.

Staff at the Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital found themselves struggling to care for 18 children rushed there after being rundown by the culprit of the Waukesha Parade Tragedy. This was mainly because there were not enough nurses and support staff available to staff the mass victim incident.

One nurse said that the event, “was a nightmare,” there were not enough staff and still wasn’t after calling in everyone they could. She said they were taking care of everyone the best they could but due to staff shortages it was difficult.

One hospital official noted that there were currently over 200 staff positions open at the hospital and over the institutes entire campuses there were over 450 positions unfilled. Mostly because people were forced out of their jobs by President Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate. Which was enforced on November 15th.

Over 70% of the religious exemption requests were denied and some clinics have had to close.

“This is because of the mandate,” another hospital source said, adding “People either quit because their exemptions were denied or didn’t even bother to apply. They just started looking for other jobs.”

The report also noted that $1000 bonuses are being offered currently with the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Bonus of $4500 being offered. It was so bad during the tragedy that the CEO and President of the hospital were also working the emergency floor because of staff shortages.

Now folks ask yourselves, “Is Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate going to help kill people because they will not get sufficient care whether in hospitals, emergency rooms, as they are being treated on scenes of accidents, or if they are in nursing homes and long term care facilities?”

You need to decide and do what you think is right in regards to Vaccine Mandate. Also ask yourselves if you can live with yourselves if there are deaths because of it and you did nothing to bring this to a stop.

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