Merit Fairness And Equity
Prof Dorian Abbot

Professor Abbot, has run afoul of cancel culture by doing the ultimate sin of expecting fair treatment on a reasonable basis.

He first came to their attention by decrying his university’s Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) efforts by creating a seirs of YouTube videos and articles that set about showing how such a policy did nothing but attempt to stifle dissenting viewpoints. He expressed his alarm how the DEI in the University of Chicago sought to eliminate viewpoints that dessented with the leftist viewpoint.

God help this poor man his basic area of research and teaching is Geophysical Science. Which models the actual geophysical world we live in and holds only to factual information versions junk science. So instead of being another voice claiming global warming he tells the facts of our geophysical environment as they truly are.

He voiced his alarm over DEI having a say in all things on campus from admission, course content, choice of faculity, and teaching methods. He was alarmed when noticing the numerous issues and viewpoints that were almost impossible to discuss on campus. He witnessed the leftist “Dishonesty and Justifications” that went along with the violence on the streets of the city of Chicago. It became highlighted when a colleague concluded at a seminar, :If you are just hiring the best people, you are part of the problem.

At that point he determined to stand silent any longer would further the destrutive impact on academic freedom and the individual worth.

This ideology of Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) has become a plague upon the reality of academic and research efforts. It is becoming harder and harder to live under such an umbrella of dishonesty when dealing with physical sciences and black and white issues of mathematics, science, environment, ecology, medicine, etc.. We find this leftist ideology trying to make 2+2=7.

This false ideology of Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) does nothing to further science or academics in that it attempts to force upon what is real a film of dishonesty and diversion from the facts. Being diverse does nothing in reality to further science, as far as equity well there is nothing like that in the sciences in reality there is equality but not equity. As far as being inclusive well either be able to do the work or you just will not be included.

It all comes down to reality folks. DEI sounds great until you actually apply it to real life. Life is already diverse and equity is simply the propping up individuals so they meet the level of others. Inclusion at whatever the cost to the end product. So basically leftist want to be included, propped up to the level of more capable individuals, and lastly included even though they have not earned it or are capable of operating at the level others are currently. It’s sort of a communism of society.

Everybody is included and they are propped up until they are equal to others and included even though they didn’t work hard enough to be included.

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