Who Invited The Illegal Immigrants?


Illegals Tell "Biden Let Us IN"

When you ask why all these thousands lof illegals are attempting to enter illegally our nation just look at the picture and think for a minute.

All through the Primary and Presidential Election Joe Biden said numerous times and loudly and proudly that he was going to make it easier for illegals to enter the United States.

Ask yourselves is Joe Biden Responsible for the massive numbers if Illegal Immigrants assaulting our borders?

Joe Biden during Dem Primary Debate on Immigration

During the Democrat Primary Debates Joe Biden, insisted that illegal immigration was going to be changed in favor of those assaulting our borders in order to allow mass immigration by illegals.

He never itemized how he was going to bring these illegals into our nation in a positive way.

Now we have a human wave of illegal immigrants swamping our borders and with MSM ignoring them almost completely.

37,000 Hatian Illegal Immigrants under Del Rio Bridge In Texas

Panamanian officials had warned of both the first 37,000 illegals that were traveling to and eventually crossed our borders along with the 1000’s of others illegal immigrants passing through their country on their way to our borders. Almost all of which had resided in South and Central American countries for years. But upon the announcement by Joe Biden both during election debates and upon be sworn in that he was welcoming immigrants that sought to cross our borders.

To date since Joe Biden, became President we have had over 1,000,000 illegal alien encounters where they had crossed our borders into the US. That is enough persons to populate the entirety of Austin Texas. Yet there are 100’s of thousands about to assault our borders yet this fall.

Where will it end? How will we cope with so many illegal immigrants if they cross our borders? How much has this rampant immigration cost you might ask? Well Texas this year is paying over $1,000,000,000 to deal with illegal immigrants. Costs range from hospitalization, teaching, housing, Medicaid, and Perinatal coverage. This doesn’t cover extra costs regarding law enforcement, or jails or prisons due to criminal issues involving these same illegals. Below find the costs of just a few states are going to have to shoulder in 2021 in regards to illegal immigrants.

  • California $21.76 Billion
  • New York $9.48 Billion
  • Florida $5.46 Billion
  • Illinois $4.59 Billion
  • New Jersey $3.48 Billion
  • Arizona $2.57 Billion
  • TOTALL $48.34 Billion

These figures do not anticipate the current flood of immigrants about to assault our borders from Central and South America. Ask yourselves folks can we afford Joe Biden’s immigration plans anylonger? He and his minions in Congress are about to spend us into a Third World Country.

Yes we can accomodate some immigration but not millions per year. We can not assimilate or integrate these massive amounts of persons into our country successfully. First there are not millions of homes, apartments, trailers, or even tents to house these people.

With the follow on problems of the “Pandemic” we are already having material shortages across the board. Medical supplies, food, clothing, building supplies, etc…. I personally attempted to get certain medical supplies only to be told by 5 suppliers that they are on backorder for up to at least 3 months. These are supplies I depend on medically.

Have any of you seen a food riot? I have seen videos of them and never want to experience such. There is little a human being will not do to feed themselves and their dependents. We are already seeing shortages of food again on store shelves due to the flux in the production of food from flour to bread, from beef to shrimp, from bananas to potatoes.

Lining Up To Get Groceries Supplies

Well we are not to the point that Durban South Africa had come to this past year where there will be a riot but we have experienced lines to get into grocery stores to purchase the essentials of our lives haven’t we. How far away are we from outright rioting when our local store tells us they only have enough groceries for half of the people standing in line. Think it won’t happen you better talk to a farmer. This year we are already paying significantly higher prices for food across the boards. And harvests are not completely in yet.

I leave you with this thought, Will you DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY of our government for helping to force such things upon us. From rationing of medical supplies and care to the rationing of food?

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