Joe Biden Demands That Senate Pass Bill To Raise The Debt Ceiling

Debt Ceiling
Biden Speaks On Raising The Debt Ceiling

Biden spoke this morning trying to get the American public behind raising the Debt Ceiling, by catigating Republicans for not being willing to raise the debt ceiling because they brought the debt so high during the Trump adminstration. He intimated that the heavy spending of that administration dictated that they should raise the debt ceiling now.

Her forgot to say that the majority of that debt was bipartisan efforts to relieve citizens desperate financial needs during the heart of the pandemic. At no time was it a partisan act but was an act of compromise from both parties in both the House and the Senate.

Currently the Infrastructure bills but especially the social infrastructure bill keyed to items such as “Tree Equity” They are partisan bills at their roots and have boondoggles within for special projects that Democrats want. Yet even their own party can not get all their members behind it because of its fiscal irresonsibleness in its spending for projects that do nothing but fund only the purpose of the Democrat party.

Listening to the extreme leftist in his party that is holding most of this legislation hostage you soon realize they want trillions of dollars more for things not wanted by the majority of citizens in this nation but which are pet projects they seek to get funded to further the ideology of the Democrat Party.

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