Do You Have Confidence and Trust In The Military Leadership?

Generals Milley, Mckenzie, and Sec Austin Testify Before Congress

Folks we have an ongoing issue with the military leadership of our nation. The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, is a REMF. That means he is a REAR ECHELON MOTHER FUCKER!

Gen. Mark Milley

He has never been at the actual sharp end of the spear taking rounds that either hit himself or those beside him. He has always been a bean counting paper pusher who made war by telling others what to do.

This is the person that we are supposed to Trust. I don’t and neither do a whole damn lot of our military community.
Neither do I have Confidence in his ability to function as a leader versus a stuffed shirt political animal whose only care is his own hide and comfort.

This past week one person had the guts and umph to challenge him and the others in military leadership as to whether they are capable leaders and suggested they meet the qualification for dismissal they themselves have used so often to cashier officers who were of questionable capabilities. “DO THEY HAVE THE CONFIDENCE OF THOSE THEY SERVE AND OR THE TRUST?” I have to say these waffling political animals do not meet that very important quality

Ltc Stuart Scheller

Ltc Stuart Scheller, had the guts to question them and their capabilities. For doing so he knew he would be probably needing to retire or leave the Marine Corp. But that was the price he was willing to pay to put forth the question that is all important to our military members. Are those in charge of us trustworthy can we have confidence in them to lead us and not betray the trust we put into their hands to put our lives before their own and before their own careers if necessary? Well we found out for them that they are not worthy of that trust and confidence.

Scheller, thought others would follow him in questioning command authority, but was still willing to do so himself no matter if they stood up to back him up or not. For his bravery and service of 17 years in the Corp, he has now been arrested and put into solitary confinement pending a Courts Martial.

Why solitary confinement, so he will not further question them and that they might try to burn him to the ground as an example to others that might find it necessary to question their worthiness.

See people in command or in charge of others seldom want to be held up the light of day if they know their failings will show. And in this case they will show like a shooting star because even to the layman they display the bad characteristics of wanting only to protect their own asses and careers at whatever cost it might be. This includes the deaths and injuries of members of the military. See those injured in the closing days of Afghanistan.

instead of evacuating through Bagram Air Base, they decided to evacuate through Kabul’s airport in the midst of the city. A basically poorly defensible position that was convenient to the embassy. They left behind billions of dollars of American military equipment to later be used against us again and again.

For these and other reasons they sought to silence Ltc Scheller. He had the effrontery to say the Emperors new clothes were not there and he was naked.

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