Kyrsten Sinema Pursued Into Bathroom By Activists

Demand Accountability
Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema Badgered by Activist In Bathroom

This sort of action is beyond the pale folks. These two activists first entered a university building that was secure and then proceeded to Badger Congresswoman Sinema about her decision regarding the Social Infrastructure bill in Congress. They continued to follow her into the women’s restroom and one of their number was a male.

Haranguing her the entire time. To these activists I say this you probably just shot yourselves in the foot. I know for sure I would vote it down completely. I and almost everyone else in America that has had to live through Maxine Waters radical activists attacks on the Trump Administration personnel and against anyone that stood in defiance of their idiocies.

We say enough already. If you want to try this again we will step forward and defend those you are attacking whether we agree with their point or view or not. Life where everyone is beaten down by activists and uninformed minions of special interest groups will not be allowed to flourish any longer. We will stand in your way and we will fight you to a standstill, not allowing it any longer.

You will have to decide to work within a polite framework from now on. We will not stop you from fighting for your viewpoints but no longer will we allow such filthy actions to take place. When you think about it think about those who will now stand in your way and be unyielding to your constant flagrant abuse of our society.

Oh you will riot. Go ahead we will be there to opposing you there. No more burnt out neighborhoods in our cities and communities. Your sort of political activism is best left in Russia and such places that embrace it for we will no longer tolerate your activism at the cost of a polite society

Remember our motto is, “A Polite Society Is An Armed Society.” We are those that have stood in our homes and apartments and finally decided NO MORE!

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